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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
1.949.453.8080, stephanie@lages.com
Zoovy Announces: Faster Rendering Sites - Improved Page Rendering
San Diego, CA.

2005-07-11 15:54:47 -- San Diego -- We have introduced some enhancements which will decrease page rendering time by pre-computing and storing image aspect ratios.

The values are re-computed every 12 hours, this means if you update an image with another image having the same name then the aspect ratio (dimensions) of the original image will be kept - this is fine if the images are both the same size.

In a worst case scenario you can always rename the image and the system will recompute the aspect ratio for the new image.

This will allow pages with variable sized (minimal) images to be rendered exponentially faster, and should make shopping on sites which have a lot of images even easier!

Simplified: Sites are faster. Replacing an image with another image having the same name and different sizes may cause problems which will work themselves out in 12 hours or less. If you have any questions about anything else please feel free to call in to tech support.