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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
1.949.453.8080, stephanie@lages.com
Zoovy Announces: Introducing (Data) Partitions
San Diego, CA.

2007-09-04 21:03:13 -- San Diego -- Partitions add the ability to have unique messages, payment/shipping options, and customer databases in a single Zoovy account.

This allows a variety of business implications - for example the ability to partition eBay and non-eBay transactions we anticipate will be a very popular feature.

In addition fulfillment centers and other companies which operate multiple distinct business units will appreciate the ability to have unique customer databases, promotions, checkout and payment options per site.

Unlikely specialty sites which are free, partitions have a $50/mo. charge per data partition which is applied to the monthly minimum fees. Customers to are paying success fees can add partitions for free.

At this time the ability to create partitions MUST be done by Zoovy technical support (but can be done with a simple phone call or email). Customers who need to add large numbers of partitions can request to be given access to create their own partitions once they have been properly trained on the feature.

We have big plans for partitions, including the ability to restrict users to being able to manage a specific partition (effectively letting business owners franchise out portions of their business to independent operators).