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Zoovy Announces: Languages and Currencies -- (BETA Feature)
San Diego, CA.

2007-09-04 20:56:26 -- San Diego -- At this time this feature is considered BETA - subsequently languages and currencies features can only be enabled on a site with the assistance of Zoovy Design Services.

We have added preliminary support for supporting multiple currencies and languages for a site. Currencies can be handled easily using a custom product page layout, and optionally a custom cart layout. All checkouts will still be done in dollars (we may add native currency support in the future for select payment gateways).

Languages are a bit more complicated - a separate site & profile must be built for each language, effectively multiple sites must be created with the same content. Zoovy will not be providing translation services at this time (but we are currently evaluating a variety of translation services to partner with as part of our BPP program). Support for western character sets should be fairly easy, support for Asian character sets (Chinese, Korean, etc.) will likely be more complicated. Please let us know if you are interested in being a beta tester of this functionality.