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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
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Zoovy Announces: New 404 Pages - customization available
San Diego, CA.

2009-04-21 12:50:16 -- San Diego -- We have released some enhancements to our site rendering engine which allows for a custom 404 (page missing/not found) handler.

We have rolled out a generic 404 page that should be suitable for every site on platform. Just go to any page on your site that doesn't actually exist and you'll get a valid/spider friendly 404 HTTP response header (same as always) but also a pretty page explaining the error, with a search box inside your site theme.

Clients who have custom site themes can have these pages customized with the help of design services. Just submit a ticket with your idea/requirements and we'll get a project setup.

Some sites which rely heavily on categories may also notice a slight speed increase from the changes.