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Zoovy Announces: New Cart Layout w/support for images -- RECOMMENDED UPGRADE
San Diego, CA.

2005-10-26 17:38:12 -- San Diego -- A new cart page layout #3006 is available to all Zoovy users which not only features a more optimized layout than the default standard cart, but also includes an image thumbnail of the product in addition to a thumbnail view of each option which has an image.

You can preview what your site would like with this new cart by adding an item (preferrably with image based options) to your cart and then appending "?fl=3006" (without the quotes) to the URL of the cage page. If you have any questions or would like assistance please do not hesitate to contact Zoovy support. This takes way less than 10 minutes to setup so any support on this issue is free.

Provided you have good product images for most of you products you can expect this to increase your holiday sales.