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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
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Zoovy Announces: New Customizable Cart - subtle changes to default cart format
San Diego, CA.

2005-10-26 15:10:46 -- San Diego -- Today we have introduced the new version of our default shopping cart page. The new shopping cart format features dramatically improved formatting support for product options, and inventory assemblies. In addition the new cart is fully customizable, which means you can expect to see new Cart page layouts that feature images, and even more attractive user interfaces for you to choose from.

We changed the layout of the "default" cart slightly, but left the majority of it the same in order to preserve backward compatibility with existing sites. The layout of the default cart view also effects the invoices printed on the web and the cart contents view in Checkout, so you may have noticed those changed as well.

Until today the cart was one of the few aspects of the Zoovy system which could not be customized at all. Long time Zoovians will remember this is a feature which has literally been requested for years so we're very excited it is now available in time for the xmas holiday season.