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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
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Zoovy Announces: New Domain Feature: Splash Domains
San Diego, CA.

2007-09-04 20:45:11 -- San Diego -- We have added the ability to configure a "splash" domain, which is a domain that is used as a landing page and points at a specific category or product on a site. Similar to a specialty site but all URL's to all subsequent pages point at the master site. The advantage to this approach is it can generate a very specific targeted domain name that can be used to deliver a prospective shopper directly to a site.

If you have a specific product or category which you wish to drive traffic to, e.g. for television, billboard, or other forms of "visible link" advertising (e.g. adwords campaigns). Splash domains can be used to manipulate search engine rankings, however excessive "manipulative" use of splash domains could also potentially result in a site being blacklisted from Google or other search engines.

When making changes to an existing domain - please allow up to 30 minutes for those changes to take effect on production.