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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
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Zoovy Announces: New Feature: Multivariable Wrapper Testing
San Diego, CA.

2007-06-20 18:44:49 -- San Diego -- The ability to do multi-variable (also called A/B) testing is commonly requested functionality from our higher volume customers. We have added in preliminary A/B testing support with the ability to assign a second theme to a site using the site builder. Shoppers who arrive at a multi-variable site will be randomly assigned a theme and then the effectiveness of that site (and resulting sales) can be tracked through the order reporting engine in the next release of order manager.

This means it is now extremely easy to run two site designs (or even homepage, category, or product page layouts with a little finesse) side by side on the same site to see which one generates higher conversion and sell-thru rates.

While we are still in EXPERIMENTAL phase for this feature it is recommended customers coordinate any multi-variable tests with our graphic design team. When this feature is considered "GA" (generally available) additional functional details will be available in webdoc. We reserve the right to make changes to this functionality based on customer feedback from pilot users. Please do not contact support regarding this functionality until it is considered GA.