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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
1.949.453.8080, stephanie@lages.com
Zoovy Announces: New Feature: Newsletter Manager
San Diego, CA.

2005-07-12 18:31:16 -- San Diego -- Zoovy is proud to announce the Newsletter Manager feature (requires the CRM bundle). This allows business owners to create and send professional emails to their customers in minutes. This is quite possibly one of the most elegant features within the Zoovy platform and includes the following functionality:

  • Easy to use template driven interface that matches the website builder.
  • 6 unique built in styles, plus dozens more from Proshop with the ability to custom load your own styles.
  • Support for up to 16 different email subscriber lists (both public and private lists available).
  • Support an unlimited number of campaigns based on those subscriber lists.
  • Automatically handles bounced emails and unsubscribes the recipients from your list. Tracks the number of unsubscribes and bounces per campagin.
  • For each campaign Zoovy tracks the number of emails sent, emails opened/read, click throughs, and total number and dollar volume of sales generated. (Using order manager and filters it is possible to determine the total net profit for a given campaign)
  • Ability to schedule campaigns up to 7 days into the future.
  • The ability to create your own custom email templates based on the familiar Page Layout (Flow) syntax.
  • requires no setup time or technical skill to get working, if you can edit a webpage in Zoovy you can generate a newsletter.
  • Email is sent from Zoovy Mail servers which is on the white-lists of most major ISP's including AOL, MSN, and others.

    In addition - for customers who also have the Wholesale bundle - it is possible to associate a pricing schedule with an email campaign. This enables you to deliver special pricing, shipping and/or promotion rules to email recipients.

    You can also limit the number of times each individual email subscriber can purchase from a newletter schedule - making it easy to offer discounts and/or coupons to customers which are limited use. (You can set the number of times it can be used, or leave it unlimited by default).

    In the future using Order Managers powerful Filter capabilities you will be able to perform data mining operations and generate custom subscriber lists. We'll talk more about this in an upcoming release of order manager.