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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
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Zoovy Announces: New Feature: Option Assemblies
San Diego, CA.

2005-07-24 15:58:46 -- San Diego -- Option assemblies allow you to specify that each option in an option group is made up of one or more component products/skus. Ideal for selling any product which is made up of other products (e.g. computer systems)

Each product that is referenced as a component is added to the cart and appears as a line item with a fixed quantity. The quantity is managed as part of the master item. A single option can have one or more components and even specify multiple quantities of the same product.

Each options price and weight is the sum of it's respective component products with an optional discount modifier - this means you can simply update the price of any component product and it instantly updates all assemblies which use that product as a component.

When a checkout occurs, the inventory of each sku that was used as a component is decremented as if the item was purchased by itself and not part of an assembly.

The price of each component is also displayed as $0.00, so this is a handy way to work around minimum advertised price restrictions by certain vendors (where discounting individual items is prohibited but discounting as part of a package is allowed).

The assembly feature is compatible with both product and store option groups, along with both inventoriable and non-inventoriable option groups. In addition if one component product is out of stock - that option DOES NOT APPEAR to the buyer (yes thats right - assemblies give you the ability to control which options appear based on inventory)

It is our long term goal to make assemblies compatible with eBay, so buyers can build assemblies on eBay. If you are interested in participating in this - please drop support a line.

Also - we realize this stuff is rather complicated. To encourage use of this feature starting July 24th and ending Wednesday July 27th (3 days) all technical support calls regarding how to use assemblies and integrate them into your store are FREE for all customers. So call us TOLL FREE at 866-366-3855.