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Media Contact: Stephanie Olsen, Lages & Associates
1.949.453.8080, stephanie@lages.com
Zoovy Announces: New Promotion/Shipping Rules: A/B Site Filter
San Diego, CA.

2009-09-30 22:16:05 -- San Diego -- We've added the ability to configure shipping rules, or promotion rules based on which version of a site a visitor is on. The ability to activate/deactivate promotions means you can test the results of different marketing campaigns on the same traffic source.

For example: which is more effective - a 10% off coupon after $100, or free shipping after $100 in generating sales? To test: configure Site A with a 10% after $100 coupon, then configure Site B with Free Shipping after $100. Next use google analytics to measure how each promotion impacts key metrics such as bounce and conversion rates. This feature is particularly useful when paired with layouts or wrappers that have decals or banners which can be displayed selectively on each site.

Test cases such as the one above can be setup with the assistance of Zoovy marketing services generally in less than 30 minutes of billable time.