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Zoovy Announces: The First Auction-Integrated Storefront to Track Inventory
San Diego, CA.

2001-04-12 00:00:00 -- San Diego -- The First Auction-Integrated Storefront to Track Inventory

Auction Sellers can enjoy the same features as online merchants with web storefronts with an exciting new feature from Zoovy. Zoovy stores can track and monitor inventory, and post automated notices on the website. This is great news for auction sellers who create their own products, or buy in bulk.

Maintaining accurate inventory records increases the likelihood of a sale. A higher inventory tells the customer that there is a good chance that they will actually receive the item, especially in since many e-commerce stores do not warehouse items and are oftentimes out of stock.

Zoovy merchants have a wide array of Inventory options available to them, ranging from showing Inventory status or quantities to keeping an internal Inventory record. Merchants can opt to set Inventory controls on a single item, or automate notices to the customer corresponding to Inventory status. When an item is nearing an out of stock status, the software emails the merchant a reminder note.

These are only some of the Inventory management features available to Zoovy Merchant users and their customers. Zoovy is the first auction-integrated storefront to offer these tools to online merchants.

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