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Zoovy Announces: Veruta Remarketing - Official Announcement
San Diego, CA.

2009-10-03 10:24:37 -- San Diego -- Remarketing is a term that many merchants simply aren't familiar with - it means "marketing to existing clients and prospects" rather than random marketing. Remarketing can let you squeeze more revenue from virtually any marketing activities such as SEO, CPC/Adwords, or even PPC Syndications.

Veruta.com has developed a technology which allows you to tag visitors who come to your site. After a prospective customer leaves your site and gets tagged, Veruta displays your advertising on other sites those shoppers visit. Veruta participates in virtually every major ad network so your banners and/or flash creatives will appear on sites throughout the Internet - but only to people who have already been to your site.

Our marketing services started evaluating this technology a few months ago, and there has been some discussion in the facebook group. We've been blown away at how versatile it is. Since our original pilots, we've been hard at work with the Veruta team to bring a compelling offer that we believe, without exception every client on the system should be taking advantage of.

This is an emerging technology - one which gives site owners the unparalleled ability to stay in front of both prospects and existing clients. We are proud that Zoovy is the very first e-commerce platform to include remarketing services *standard* as part of our offering. You will be hearing press releases, and other announcements about this comprehensive relationship with Veruta in the coming weeks. All new design packages offered by Zoovy will include a few additional minutes allocated to building remarketing banners standard.

In addition - we have put together compelling packages to have our design team create remarketing banners for existing clients. In addition we have negotiated a highly aggressive fee structure for Veruta advertising - only $3.50 CPM (Cost per thousand banners), with a 3% CPA (Cost Per Action) for sales that result from a direct click from a Veruta banner. Merchants can choose who is targeted, in addition to a variety of suppression options.

Zoovy's Marketing Services team has also engaged as a master agency arrangement with Veruta (which is how we are able to get those phenomenal rates for you) and Veruta charges will appear on your regular Zoovy invoice.

Please do not sign up on Veruta.com for a self-serve account or you will be charged retail CPE rates which are substantially higher than the rates Zoovy offers. Zoovy's integration (ability to submit feeds, etc.) is all tied to our master reseller id. If you have signed up an account directly on veruta.com you will need to abandon that.

Veruta remarketing campaigns feature dynamic ajax/dhtml or flash driven content which can offer discounts, coupons, and feature interactive product rotations. Veruta's technology is fully integrated with the new product tagging features and they have worked closely with us to develop some absolutely astounding campaigns. Between our design group and marketing services team we can tailor such compelling presentations that it frankly, in our opinion, gives our clients an unfair advantage of their competitors.

As a matter of housekeeping - the pilot location has moved from the Setup / Plugin area, to the Syndication area. Customers will need one Veruta.com account per specialty site to appropriately re-target. There are no setup or monthly fees to setup a Veruta account (except some nominal design costs associated with preparing artwork for the campaigns), after that you only pay for what you use. The design options, including estimates, are presented in the Syndication / Veruta panel.