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Zoovy Announces: Zoovy Celebrates Ongoing Growth with Further Expansion at Their San Diego Office
San Diego, CA.

2010-06-07 00:00:00 -- San Diego --

Turn-key e-commerce software provider Zoovy, Inc. is celebrating continued growth throughout 2009 and on through 2010 which has resulted in expansion of it's e-commerce business team, support and marketing departments.

"Q1 of 2010 was our strongest ever," says founder Brian Horakh. "Zoovy merchants are performing extremely well despite the economic struggles of the passed few years. They are utilizing more of our technology than ever before to stay lean and competitive while increasing customer service standards. It makes me really happy to know we provide e-commerce businesses with the key tools they need to stay ahead in these tough times."

"We've always been committed to bringing a very powerful product to businesses that allows them to stay competitive against much larger e-commerce companies," says Horakh. "The end of 2009 and 2010 were strong for us. We felt that the time was right to expand our efforts and fully leverage our opportunity to win new customers as they emerge from the ashes of the economic fallout."

"There's never been a better time to invest in business than now," states Horakh. "Consumers are doing more research than ever, before they buy products, it's the perfect opportunity for merchants to step up and show consumers why they should be the merchant to win their business, Zoovy's extensive technology & services help merchants do just that."

"As a further commitment to business growth we have created the 'Zoovy Complete' platform to make it even easier for e-commerce businesses to grow to that next level of success," says Horakh. "Just because you have a focused budget doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice the powerful technologies you need to stay ahead. Zoovy has always been committed to that ideal, and it's showing now more than ever with Zoovy merchants doing so well while many other e-commerce merchants are still struggling."

"We're committed to empowering our merchants to be successful in this time of great opportunity and look forward to helping them grow stronger and stronger throughout 2010 and long into the future."