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Zoovy Announces: Zoovy, Inc. Increases Customer Conversion by Partnering With ControlScan
San Diego, CA.

2008-04-05 00:00:00 -- San Diego --

With the growing number of online consumers increasing every day, the issues of security and protecting customer information has never been greater. One of the most important factors in increasing conversions on e-commerce web stores is making shoppers feel safe and secure while making their purchases. In order to further improve its e-commerce service package Zoovy has partnered with ControlScan, a leading provider of online security and Payment Card Industry compliance certification.

"Zoovy's partnership with security leader ControlScan also puts a unique spin on the mandated compliance initiative by allowing merchants to show browsers their commitment to security," says Jordan Kohler, from the Business Development Team at Zoovy, Inc. "Once a site has been certified as compliant, ControlScan will award their Verified Secure security seal to be placed on all eligible web properties. This seal will help notify potential customers that the site provides a safe place to conduct business online, thereby increasing customer confidence and reducing shopping cart dropout."

ControlScan offers a broad range of services including security and business certification seals, Payment Card Industry compliance, vulnerability scanning and remediation assistance, SSL certificates and value-added marketing tools. Recipients of these certifications have received a business background review that certifies a company as a legitimate business. ControlScan's certification seals are proven to help increase online sales conversions and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

"Our business is exclusively focused on helping smaller e-commerce businesses secure their Websites," says Joan Herbig, chief executive officer at ControlScan. "You might say our mission is to help these companies create an environment where their customers feel safe and protected."

To learn more about security certification and Zoovy e-commerce solutions, visit www.zoovy.com/controlscan