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Zoovy Announces: Zoovy, Inc. Launches JEDI Supply Chain Integration Function
San Diego, CA.

2006-02-22 00:00:00 -- San Diego -- Zoovy, Inc. Launches JEDI Supply Chain Integration Function
San Diego, CA

Zoovy, Inc. announces the release of its new Just Easy Data Integration (JEDI) function that simplifies the supply chain for online businesses down to just a few clicks of the mouse.

"In our world, innovation is the key when it comes to providing service. JEDI is a response to the ever-changing needs of our clients," said David Steel, President of Zoovy Inc.

The new integration function makes the communication between a Zoovy store and JEDI compliant supplier virtually seamless. It allows a business to brand its company through its supplier. The supplier can then print the companys logo on the invoices and packing to be shipped to the consumer.

"This new feature freed up time to focus on growing my business," said Greatlookz.com owner Marion Kiesling who started using the new feature as a supplier and store owner. "I now not only run my own stores, but also supply other website businesses with my products. The businesses I supply to are so delighted to have their own logo on the products."

The JEDI function offers many other features including the ability to automatically check inventory from suppliers, load shipping rate quotes from the supplier and automatically transmit approved paid orders to the JEDI supplier. With this supply chain integration, Zoovy stores have the ability to be the JEDI suppliers or connect their stores to a JEDI supplier. It allows businesses to easily add inventory and/or integrate directly with a compliant supplier.

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