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Listing and selling on Amazon made easy

Selling on Amazon

Give your products visibility and exposure to millions of buyers by selling on Amazon.com. Zoovy is proud to announce a special offer. Amazon Services is currently making available to Zoovy customers, one-month of subscription fees waived, a $39.99 value, for its Selling on Amazon service. There are no item listing fees, and Amazon will handle the payment processing. You just receive orders; ship them to the buyers and Amazon deposits net proceeds in your account every two weeks.


In addition to the $39.99 in waived monthly subscription fees for the first month, subscribing to Selling on Amazon service brings many other benefits:

  • Exposure for Your Products
    Your products can be viewed by millions of customers who shop at Amazon.com.

  • Quick and Easy Setup
    Zoovy & Amazon provide an easy interface for creating and managing your products, inventory levels and orders.

  • Simple Low Risk Cost Model
    There are no listing fees and you set your own shipping, handling and customer return policies for your products.

  • No Customer Payments to Manage
    Amazon handles payment processing and deposits your net proceeds into your account every two weeks. Amazon Services also screens transactions to protect you.

Want to learn more?

Read more about Selling on Amazon service Here.

Zoovy Syndication provides unique and unmatched compatibility with Amazon. Amazon Certified merchants can list and sell products on this popular marketplace without the usual hassle.

  • List 1,000's of products almost instantly by importing entire categories from your Zoovy store
  • Seamlessly synchronize products with Amazon, including product options by size, color, etc
  • Instantly register Amazon sales with your Zoovy site
  • Real-time synchronized inventory with your web store and other marketplaces
  • Zoovy communicates to Amazon all of the required tracking numbers while importing and managing orders

Product Creation and Inventory Management

  • Support options/variations
  • Inventory synchronization
  • Warehouse management software

Best of Breed Solution

  • Sell in multiple categories ( if you are amazon approved )
  • No CSV's to get data into Amazon
  • complete backend logistics software

Premier Shipping Integration

  • Automatically imports tracking numbers
  • Seamless Integration with Fedex, UPS, USPS and DHL

try before you buy - free obligation 14 day trial, no credit card needed!