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The FedEx® Compatible functionality in Zoovy eCommerce web stores provides seamless FedEx checkout-integration for eBay sellers and other major marketplaces such as Shopping.com and Overstock.com. Using Zoovy with FedEx Compatible shipping is as simple as a single click.

Immediate Customer Notification & Tracking

Tracking numbers are automatically stored in Zoovy Order Manager and sent directly to the customer.

FedEx Airbill Printing

Faster Shipping - Print FedEx airbills directly from Zoovy Order Manager, eliminating the need to export shipping information or switch applications, allowing more packages to be shipped in less time.

User Accountability - with Zoovy order manager, users know exactly which employee shipped each package. Use this information to create reports to gauge employee productivity, and to track employee errors.

Transparent Checkout Integration

FedEx is automatically available as the users’ shipping provider in the Zoovy eCommerce software.

Shipping Calculator

Zoovy provides the FedEx compatible shipping calculator on eBay auctions.

Integrated FedEx Scale Support

Easy one click scale integration within the Zoovy software. Zoovy supports all of the most popular scale models.

Resources for FedEx Compatible Customers

FedEx logos used by permission. All rights reserved. A FedEx Compatible Solution means the FedEx functionality within the Zoovy has passed FedEx certification testing.

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