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700% sales increase in only 3 years using Zoovy's e-commerce platform

Zoovy is willing to spend as much time as needed to assist me in growing my site. They have a great marketing department and their art department responds quickly. Zoovy allows me to do what multi-million dollar websites do at a fraction of the cost, without needing to hire an in-house web team.

~ Brad Rosen, Owner, SportsWorldChicago

The Client

SportsWorldChicago began in 1976 as a brick and mortar store across from Wrigley Field in Chicago. In 2000, a Web store was opened. Owner Brad Rosen employs about 20 people for his brick and mortar and Web store combined � and runs multiple retail sites in addition to SportsWorldChicago including BlackhawkShop, NYDugout and ChitownFootball. These sites supply fan apparel for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks sports teams. Between these sites, Rosen has more than 4,000 SKUs.


Prior to 2007, Rosen was using a proprietary e-commerce software solution that was not providing his products the exposure they needed. In 2007, Rosen began to look for a more effective, efficient solution.

The Challenge

With more than 4,000 SKUs and multiple sites, Rosen was looking for a robust e-commerce platform that contained all the bells and whistles necessary to make his sites more successful without sacrificing time and resources.

In addition to quality e-commerce software, Rosen was seeking a partner that he could rely on to adapt quickly to the ever-changing demands of the online retail industry. A partner that would work eagerly with him to provide the best overall experience � from marketing to graphic design to search engine optimization. In 2007 Zoovy became that partner.

The Zoovy Solution

Integrated syndications

Thanks to Zoovy's seamless syndication, Rosen can load his products once, make changes, sell them across each of his sites and automatically syndicate them out to all of the major e-tail outlets at the click of a button. Any time a hot new syndication begins to emerge or an existing syndication makes infrastructure changes, Zoovy's staff is on top it, allowing Rosen to not miss a beat. Because Zoovy has customer service teams who specialize in each major syndication, including Amazon and eBay, integration and problem solving are especially effective and simple.

Increased Product Exposure

Zoovy's marketing and Web support teams work to ensure Rosen's products receive the greatest exposure possible with regards to Google � metatags, meta descriptions, title tags, SEO. When search engines analyze the site content it must be organized for them to know what the site is about and what products it contains. Any necessary changes to the site are made quickly by Zoovy so Rosen's products continue to receive maximum exposure � a critical process for any online business.

With Zoovy, I don't have to go into each site to submit a product. I simply upload a product, check the boxes for the sites on which I want them to appear, and they are automatically syndicated. Zoovy's seamless syndication makes my life so much easier.

~ Brad Rosen, Owner, SportsWorldChicago

Results � SportsWorldChicago Positioned for Further Growth

Rosen considers Zoovy's technology to be the biggest driving force in growing his business. Rosen believes he could easily double or triple his sales with no concerns about handling the increased volume, thanks to his continuing partnership with Zoovy.

  • Before Zoovy: sales were $250,000 and the average dollar value per order was $42.
  • After implementing Zoovy: sales were $2 million and the average dollar value per order was $57.
  • More than 40,000 orders were shipped in 2010. Even with this large volume, Rosen can keep a smaller staff, thanks to the efficiency and the number of integrations Zoovy's platform offers.
  • In 2011, Rosen expects to do about $3 million in sales, a 30% jump from the previous year.
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