Manage all the technologies you need to grow you online business

Future-proof your growth

One of the biggest challenges in growing a successful online business is picking the right technology for your needs not only now, but long into the future.

The way your technology is configured can very easily shape the future of your entire business model (and not always in a good way). The Zoovy 1 e-commerce engine has been developed over 7 years with field-tested input from thousands of successful online merchants, making it one of the most established e-commerce solutions available.

Avoid becoming a victim of your success

Establishing best business practices early on in your e-commerce technology allows you to keep growing without being choked by the workload generated from your success. Zoovy 1 integrates all of the technologies you need to do business online, creating a streamlined sales process that not only lets you keep up with today's demand, but frees you to think about tommorow's growth.

It's all in 1

Zoovy 1 takes all of the technologies and processes needed to grow successfully, and makes them available through one, easy-to-manage account. Zoovy's long standing partnerships with proven e-commerce industry names ensures the tightest integration and streamlined functionality for your business process.

Zoovy 1 integrated functions & technologies include

  • Web stores with automated multi-channel selling
  • Real-time inventory tracking across all sales channels
  • Built-in supply chain, wholesale & warehouse support
  • Integrated shipping with FedEx, UPS & USPS
  • Payment processing, order management & email
  • QuickBooks data integration
  • BuySAFE Bonded web store technology
  • Built-in customer relations management tools
  • Windows desktop clients for bulk/offline processing

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Inventory Control Getting your Products Seen Shipping and Tracking Wholesale and Supply Chain Managing Multiple Online Stores Marketing and Retention Billing and Accounting
Billing and Accounting
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power technologies
Hacker Safe & PCI Compliance.
Peace of mind for merchants and their customers.
Easy listing on Yahoo Shopping.
Get your products where they'll sell - in front of millions of buyers.
Effortlessly tame the Google beast.
Zoovy 1 makes it simple to submit all of your products to Google Base.
Built-in Pricegrabber.com syndication.
Reach over 21 million shoppers easily and efficiently.
Sell on Amazon with less effort.
Zoovy 1 integration with Amazon.com allows all sales to instantly register with your web store and inventory.
Unmatched FedEx functionality
Plug and play FedEx scales and label printers combine with your order database to provide accurate & efficient FedEx shipping.
BuySAFE technology - gain trust from new customers.
Zoovy 1 was the first web store solution to include built-in BuySAFE buyer protection.
Manage 1000's of eBay listings easily.
The Zoovy 1 engine allows thousands of merchants to easily manage millions of eBay auction & store listings.
eOnlineData merchant services built-in
Proven credit card processing from the most respected provider of merchant services.
Low cost auctions with OverStock.com
OverStock.com integration in Zoovy 1 provides easy access to the low cost auction system.
Seamless accounting with QuickBooks
Zoovy Order Manager conveniently exports orders to QuickBooks accounting software.
Speed up your UPS shipping
Seamless integration in Zoovy 1 means no retyping of customer info when shipping UPS.
Need technical info?
Search the extensive Zoovy 1 'webdoc' online documentation system.
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