Listing and selling on Amazon made easy Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Zoovy 1 has built-in syndication with leading comparison shopping engines such as PriceGrabber.com allowing merchants to easily access and leverage the huge buying power of these established markets with minimal effort.

PriceGrabber�s innovative comparison shopping services make it a valuable ally for any shopper; they include: BottomLinePrice calculations (tax and shipping included in price), Storefronts marketplace (individuals without a website can sell their own products), merchant ratings and reviews, detailed product information and reviews, side-by-side product comparisons and email notification of the best prices and availability on the Internet.

PriceGrabber.com provides unparalleled marketing and sales opportunities to 23 million active, qualified and ready to buy shoppers on a monthly basis.


11,000 Merchants and Sellers

PriceGrabber offers 100 million monthly impressions exclusively to an audience that is in the process of making a purchase decision. In addition to Run of Site offerings, PriceGrabber offers product category targeted impressions so that advertisers can reach their media buying targets.

21 Million Unique Shoppers

21 million different consumers visit PriceGrabber to shop for products across 22 product channels. The only reason this influential audience visits PriceGrabber is to determine what products to buy. This provides for an excellent platform for advertisers to promote their brand attributes.

40% Year-Over-Year Growth

The driver behind the 25 million shoppers and 100 million impressions surrounds the products that PriceGrabber's 8800 merchants and sellers have to offer. Consumers look to PriceGrabber for the most up to date product information.

300+ Network of Sites

The PriceGrabber distribution network extends across 300+ partner websites and many of the advertising placements extend across these web properties. A few partners include MSN, Ask Jeeves, and Comcast.


$450+ Average Sale Order

This telling metric shows that PriceGrabber shoppers have significant purchasing power. Additionally, it demonstrates the level of trust the segment has for PriceGrabber and its advertisers.

18-54 Age Range

A young demographic lends itself to many years of purchasing power to come. Investment in brand equity through PriceGrabber yields a higher return on investment due to more years of purchasing power.

67% College Educated

A more educated consumer pool translates into higher purchasing power. $71,000 Average Yearly Income The PriceGrabber audience is financially capable of reacting to an effective message presented by an advertiser.

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power technologies
Hacker Safe & PCI Compliance.
Peace of mind for merchants and their customers.
Easy listing on Yahoo Shopping.
Get your products where they'll sell - in front of millions of buyers.
Effortlessly tame the Google beast.
Zoovy 1 makes it simple to submit all of your products to Google Base.
Built-in Pricegrabber.com syndication.
Reach over 21 million shoppers easily and efficiently.
Sell on Amazon with less effort.
Zoovy 1 integration with Amazon.com allows all sales to instantly register with your web store and inventory.
Unmatched FedEx functionality
Plug and play FedEx scales and label printers combine with your order database to provide accurate & efficient FedEx shipping.
BuySAFE technology - gain trust from new customers.
Zoovy 1 was the first web store solution to include built-in BuySAFE buyer protection.
Manage 1000's of eBay listings easily.
The Zoovy 1 engine allows thousands of merchants to easily manage millions of eBay auction & store listings.
eOnlineData merchant services built-in
Proven credit card processing from the most respected provider of merchant services.
Low cost auctions with OverStock.com
OverStock.com integration in Zoovy 1 provides easy access to the low cost auction system.
Seamless accounting with QuickBooks
Zoovy Order Manager conveniently exports orders to QuickBooks accounting software.
Speed up your UPS shipping
Seamless integration in Zoovy 1 means no retyping of customer info when shipping UPS.
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