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Online shoppers often start with Google. Our search advertising program, AdWords, helps them find you through targeted text ads that appear beside Google search results. And Google Product Search, our shopping search engine, allows shoppers to specifically search for and find products they want to buy.  The new Google Checkout badge that appears on our AdWords advertisements has given us a 23 percent lift in clickthrough rate. And … customers that use Google Checkout convert 24 percent more frequently than those that go through our standard checkout process."

-- Fred Lerner, Ritz Interactive

AdWords ad Now, with Google Checkout you can add the Checkout badge to your AdWords ads and Product Search listings to highlight your store. The badge is an icon that tells potential customers that shopping with you will be convenient and secure.

Checkout also helps you more effectively turn your traffic into paying customers. Lengthy checkout processes frustrate online shoppers who then frequently abandon their shopping carts. With Google Checkout, the purchasing information of each Checkout user is stored in a single account, so they can buy from you by simply providing their username and password.

Protect yourself from fraud with Google Checkout.

 We didn't even think of fraud protection when we started using Google Checkout, but we see virtually no fraud coming from that channel."

-- Jack Sheng, Eforcity.com

When using Google Checkout, you can sell with complete confidence. Google Checkout's industry-leading fraud protection program keeps you safe from fraud while helping you lower costs and increase sales. Here's how:

  • Guaranteed Payment: Checkout's Payment Guarantee protects 98% of Checkout orders on average -- when an order is guaranteed, you get paid even if it results in a chargeback.
  • Free Protection: While merchants are typically charged for fraud protection services, Google's comprehensive protection is free.
  • Lower Fraud Costs: Checkout's fraud detection systems reduce fraud and manual review costs by proactively filtering out fraudulent orders.
  • More Sales: The same systems also help increase sales by identifying legitimate orders that you might otherwise mark as fraudulent.
  • Fair Treatment: Unlike other services that immediately deduct funds from you for chargebacks, Google does so only after a decision has been made as to who is at fault.

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Zoovy 1 Basics

An overview of the key Zoovy 1 advantages for business growth.

Custom Graphic Design

Zoovy's in-house graphics team can help build your brand.

Supply Chain

Learn how Zoovy1 provides supply chain functionality.

Wholesale Functionality

Bulk sales & per-user pricing is easy with Zoovy 1 wholesale options.

BuySAFE Bonding

Convert browsers into buyers with the safety of bonded purchases.

Multi Store Technology

Easily manage multiple web stores with completely different look, feel & content.

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Hacker Safe & PCI Compliance.
Peace of mind for merchants and their customers.
Easy listing on Yahoo Shopping.
Get your products where they'll sell - in front of millions of buyers.
Effortlessly tame the Google beast.
Zoovy 1 makes it simple to submit all of your products to Google Base.
Built-in Pricegrabber.com syndication.
Reach over 21 million shoppers easily and efficiently.
Sell on Amazon with less effort.
Zoovy 1 integration with Amazon.com allows all sales to instantly register with your web store and inventory.
Unmatched FedEx functionality
Plug and play FedEx scales and label printers combine with your order database to provide accurate & efficient FedEx shipping.
BuySAFE technology - gain trust from new customers.
Zoovy 1 was the first web store solution to include built-in BuySAFE buyer protection.
Manage 1000's of eBay listings easily.
The Zoovy 1 engine allows thousands of merchants to easily manage millions of eBay auction & store listings.
eOnlineData merchant services built-in
Proven credit card processing from the most respected provider of merchant services.
Low cost auctions with OverStock.com
OverStock.com integration in Zoovy 1 provides easy access to the low cost auction system.
Seamless accounting with QuickBooks
Zoovy Order Manager conveniently exports orders to QuickBooks accounting software.
Speed up your UPS shipping
Seamless integration in Zoovy 1 means no retyping of customer info when shipping UPS.
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